Sunday, May 2, 2010


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nepal has diplomatic relation with many countries of the world. Foreign policy plays an important role in making such relations. Nepal has adopted non-aligned foreign policy. It is based on the principle of Panchasheel. This principle advocates the respect of sovereignty among the countries, non-invasion, non-inteference, equality and peaceful co-existence. The polity of non-alignment means the polity of neutrality and not taking any side in international political conflicts and issues. There are many such countries which do not take the side of any group or bloc when international conflict takes place. Such countries have formed organization called the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM). NAM was established in 1955. Nepal has been taking part in the NAM.

Nepal is peace loving country. As a member of United Nations Organization, Nepal has been helping the UNO in maintaining peace by sending its troops to UN Peace Keeping Force. The Nepalese Army and Nepal Police have been deployed in many conflicting areas of the world by the UNO as a peace keeping force. Nepalese troops played a vital role to maintain peace in Kosovo, Lebanon, Somalia, Congo, Sierra Leone, East Timor and so on.

Nepal has made a substantial contribution to the UN peace keeping operations since 1958 AD. The performance of Nepalese army in peace keeping operations has earned good reputation in the world. Nepal is also the active member of SAARC. It also participates in various international tournaments. Such games and sports help to develop mutual co-operation and international understanding.


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