Thursday, May 6, 2010


Thursday, May 6, 2010

The geographical diversity with different climatic conditions and difficult transport and communication have resulted in the social and cultural diversity. The geography of a country has a big hand in developing diverse communities, castes, ethnic groups having different customs, traditions and beliefs.

People of different races, castes, ethnic groups and communities such as Brahman, Chhetri, Magar, Newar, Rai, Limbu, Gurung, Tharu, Tamang, Sherpa, Thakali, Yadav, Rajbanshi, Dhimal and Muslim live in different parts of the country. Unity in diversity is another specially of the Nepalese culture and tradition. People of different ethnic groups have there own cultures, mother tongue, festivals, songs, dances, dresses, customs, rites and rituals.

Through there is diversity in culture, there is unity in traditions, social values and norms. For example, we (Nepali people) all share the common tradition of respecting the seniors, loving the juniors. We regard parents and teachers as God. We all welcome our guests. We respect all the religions equality. We are always ready to help each other when needed. Above all, we love our nation and nationhood.

Nepal is divided into three geographically regions.
a) Mountains Regions.
b) Hill Region and
c) Terai Region.

Different communities and ethnic groups having different language, religions, customs and traditions are living together. All these people share the common characteristics of love, peace and feeling of brotherhood and cooperation.

Here is a brief description of the social, religion and traditions of each geographical region.

Mountain region
People: Bhote, Sherpa, Thakali, Tamang, Gurung etc.
Occupation: Animal husbandly and dairy farming.
Food: Dhindo, Rice, Bread, Potato, Meat.
Dress: Bakkhu and Docha.
Religion: Buddhism.
Festival: Lhosar.

Hill region
People: Brahmin, Chhetri, Newar, Rai, Limbu, Magar, Tamang.
Occupation: Agricultural and horticulture.
Food: Rice, Bread, Meat, Egg, Milk products.
Dress: Daura-Suruwal, coat and topi, Bhoto-kachhad and Patuka for men, Cholo-Fariya majetro for women.
Religion: Hinduism and Buddhism.
Festival: Janai Purnima, Dashain, Tihar, Shiva-ratri etc.

Terai Region
People: Tharu, Danuwar, Sunuwar, Dhimal, Rajpur, Sattar etc.
Occupation: Agriculture, Industry, Trade and Business
Food: Bread, Rice, Milk products
Dress: Dhoti-Kurta, Kamiz, Lungi, for men. Sari, Blouse for women.
Religion: Hinduism and Islam
Festival: Chhath, Raksha Bandhan, Holi, Diwali for Hindus. Id, Bakhrid, Muharram for Muslim.


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