Saturday, March 20, 2010


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Electricity is one of the valuable gifts of science. Today, many people use electricity for many purposes. If the supply of electricity stops for a short time, it is great difficulty and inconvenience. The use of Electricity began in England. Faraday is called the father of Electricity. The incandescent lamp was invented by the American scientist Edison in 1878. Nowadays, people have fluorescent lamps too.

There are two kinds of electricity, static and current. Static electricity cannot be transferred from one object to another or from one place to another. Current electricity can be transferred by means of wires. The electricity that used in house is current electricity. It is generally produced with the help of water. So it is called hydro- electricity or white coal. Electricity is also produced by coal, petrol and diesel. Hydro- electricity is cheap.

Electricity has many uses. It gives us heat, light and power. Electricity also gives light. Electric light is used in houses. Streets are lit by electricity. Electricity supplies with power. It is used to run trains and work machines and printing presses. Telephones, radios and telegraphic need electricity to run its operations. Electricity has a great number of uses.

Electricity has been used extensively in many countries. In Nepal, it is still in the initial stage. Only a few places have the supply of electricity. In Nepal, there are lots of rivers rushing down the mountains. Their water can be tapped to generate electricity. Nepal has some big projects under construction. They include the Devighat, the Gandak, the Sunkoshi, the Kulekhani and the Trisuli Projects. These big projects have been financed by other countries. Government should undertake the construction of small projects for the benefit of villages. Supplying the villages with electricity is one of the best ways of helping their development.

The consumption of electricity is costly in Nepal. It should be made cheaper so that even poor people may use it. The supply should be constant. It should not fail every now and then. Formerly, the supply of electricity used to fail frequently in the capital. Nowadays, the Electricity Authority is working to eliminate the loadsheluding.

As time passes, the use of electricity is bound to increase more and more in country. Government should establish some institutes for training such technicians. In Kathmandu, there are some technical schools which offer certificate course in electrical engineering.


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