Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tourism place of Nepal

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kirtipur Kirtipur

Kirtipur is one of the travelling place of capital Kathmandu of Nepal. It is a glorious town. It is situated to the south-west part of the valley of Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. It is situated on the bank of the two holy rivers, the Bagmati and the Bishnumati. The town is densely populated. Around 50,000 people are living there. Moreover, many people are emigrating here from other parts of the country. By the results, the density of population is increasing swiftly every year. Majority of the population is covered with Newar people but there are other casts and sub-casts, too. The people belonging to Hinduism and Buddhism enjoy different modes of cultures and religions. Unity in diversity is candidly practiced as the people have not been broken down into distinct fragments with varied dignity.

Most of the people live in modern buildings and enjoy various types of modern facilities. As most of the people are well-educated, they are employed in various jobs belonging to different sectors. Some are doctors, engineers, professors, teachers and some are business employers and employees. Road transportation, electricity, clean drinking water etc. are the basic facilities people.

Kirtipur stands as one of the famous historical place of the valley. One can enjoy historical and cultural architecture visiting here. Some traditional buildings seem really beautiful and unique in art of religious, cultural and historical significance. They are Kirti Vihar, Adinath temple, Bagh Bhairav temple, Uma Maheshwor etc.

Bagh Bhairav Temple is dedicated to God Bhairav in the form of a tiger. This god is regarded as the guardian of Kirtipur and the locals call it Ajudeu, a grandfather god. This temple was constructed between 1099AD-1126AD by Shiva Deva. The temple lies at the height of 1405 meter from sea level, from where a beautiful view of Kathmandu valley can be seen. The three-storey temple is rectangular and lies within the area of 1500 square meter. The weapons like swords and shields are showcased in the front roof of the temple. These weapons are said to be presented by Newar troops after their defeat by Late King Prithivi Narayan Shah. The temples were renovated in the years 1515 AD, 1803 AD, 1850 AD and 1961 AD.

Uma Maheshwor Temple is another famous temple of Kirtipur. It is also known as Bhavani Shankar Temple and lies on one of the highest points of the town. It lies at 1414 meter altitude and was built in the year 1655AD by Vshwanath Raurta. By standing the temple, one can enjoy the beautiful landscape of the valley including the Himalayan ranges.

The largest and oldest university Tribhuvan University is in Kirtipur. The hyponotic nature beauty and scenery of the university allure many people every year.

Bagbhairab temple

Uma Maheshwor Temple
Bagh Bhairav Temple
Uma Maheshwor Temple

Tribhuvan University

Tribhuvan University

Spread in 14 hectares of land, Kirtipur is located 5 km from the center of Kathmandu. In Nepali dialect Kirtipur means "a glorious town". Looking down from its background it has been the scene of many historic battles and many important moments in Nepal's history. History says that the ancient city Kirtipur was founded by Shiva Deva between 1099 AD and 1126 AD and during the reign of the Malla Kingdom in the 15th century the city was developed for human settlement. The town is an ancient town, which consists of remarkable historical values and ethics. It is still an open museum of religion, culture and tradition and glorious work of Newari crafts and architecture.


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