Sunday, March 21, 2010


Sunday, March 21, 2010
Road of Nepal

The people of a place cannot live in isolation. They have to remain in touch with the people of other places for various purposes. Roads are the means of traveling from one place to another. Man has been building roads since the earliest days. In ancient times, good roads were few and far between. Nowadays, there are many roads. Some countries have more roads than others. There are many good roads in advanced countries, but only a few in less advanced countries. Roads are a sign of the progress of a country. Nepal has only a few good roads, so Nepal is undeveloped.

There are two kinds of roads: metalled and non-metalled. Metalled roads were first built by Macadam in England in the 18th century, so they are also called macadamized roads. They are build of stone chips and coal-tar. Metalled roads are motor able. They are not easily destroyed by rain or flood. They are less liable to wear and tear.

Roads are very useful to us. They develop trade. If there are good roads, people can send things that people produce in excess and bring things that people do not produce or produce in small quantities. Roads also help the growth of industries. Roads help to receive and send various materials, machines and so on. It help the spread of education. Students can easily go from one place to another easily. Learning the new ideas from place to place that improves the society.

Roads help people to supply distressed area with relief. Sometimes, the people of a certain area are hard hit by flood, famine, earthquake or war. Roads help to defend a country from invasion or to maintain law and other. If there is an invasion from enemy or lawlessness and disorder in a certain area, people can quickly send soldiers or policemen to fight the enemy or restore law and order. In short, roads serve many useful purposes.

Nepal is poor in roads. There are a few good roads in the Valley of Kathmandu. There are some highways like the Tribhuwan Rajpath, the Arnico Rajmarg, the Siddhartha Rajmarg, the Prithvi Rajmarg, etc. The Mahendra Rajmarg extending from the eastern border to the western is partly complete. But most of the hilly place lack roads. It is difficult to go from one place to another. The backwardness of some areas is due to the lack of roads. In the Terai also, there is no good roads. It is difficult to travel there in the rainy season. If we want to develop our country, we must build a large number of roads. Roads are the prime necessity for development of country.


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