Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Season is not same all the year around. Change is the law of Nature .In the context of Nepal there are four main seasons: the summer, the autumn, the winter and the spring. The summer and the winter season last nearly four months, while the autumn and the spring last nearly two months .The seasons are caused by the revolution of the earth round the sun with its axis inclined to the orbit. If the axis of the earth were not inclined, then the same season throughout the year.

The summer season begins in May and last till August. It is a hot season. It is very hot in the Terai. The valleys and the hills also are hot, but the high mountains remain cool. It is hot and dry for two months. In July, the rains begin, and the temperature falls down a little. The people have a sigh of relief. Agriculture starts with the coming of the rains. Farmers begin sowing seeds. Paddy, maize and jute are grown in this season. The summer is a busy season. For most of the people of the country have agriculture as their main occupation. September brings in the autumn season. It is a mild season, neither hot nor cold. It is a season of plenty. Farmers reap paddy, maize and jute sown in the summer. They have plenty to eat. It is the season of great festivals like the Dashain and the Tihar. People indulge in feasting and merry-making. They are free from the scorching heat of the summer season.

After the autumn, it is the winter season. It begins in November and lasts till February. It is a season of hardship. It is a cold season. It gets colder and colder as we proceed northwards; people have to wrap themselves with warm clothes. It is a hard time for the poor people. It is difficult for them to go out for work. There is snowfall on the hills. This is also a busy season, for people are engaged in agriculture. Wheat, barley, oil-seeds, pulses and fruits are grown in this season.

Slowly, the winter season makes room for the spring. The spring, like the autumn, is a mild season. It lasts two months March and April. The spring is considered the king of seasons. It is a fine season with mild sun-shine. There is no rainfall in this season. Plants and trees put forth new buds and leaves are also a season of plenty. The winter crops are reaped in this season.


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