Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Tuesday, March 9, 2010



Nepal is known as the land of the Himalayas. These are the loftiest mountains in the world. The Himalayas extend all cover Northern Nepal and occupy nearly 40% of the total area of the country. They consist of several parallel ranges, one higher than the other. The higher Himalayas are perpetually covered with snow, that's why they are called the Himalayas. In Sanskrit, 'Himalaya' means the abode of snow. The higher Himalayas contain most of the highest peaks in the world. Some of the highest peaks are Mount Everest, Kanchnjungha, Lhotse and Cho Oyu. These peaks attract climbers every year. The high Himalayas contain several big glaciers and lakes. They are devoid of vegetation and human settlement.

The lower Himalayas are forested. The forests contain pine trees and Rhododendrons. The Rhododendron is the national flower of the country. On the lower parts of these mountains are valleys and lakes. The lower Himalayas are inhabited but the density of population is low. Life is difficult on the mountains. People rear goats and sheep. Some cultivation is done on the hill-slopes and in the valleys.

The Himalayas are a great hindrance to the development of the country. As the Himalayas, the big area of the country is a huge waste, unfit for cultivation, difficult to travel from one part to another. Some parts of the Himalayas are inaccessible and inhospitable.

Though the Himalayas are an obstacle to the development of the country, also it protects the cold winds blowing from central Asia and also gives us plenty of rain. They stop the monsoons coming from the Bay of Bengal and cause a good deal of rainfall.

The Himalayas supply rivers with water. All big rivers originate from it. The rivers are full of water all the year round. They are useful for irrigation and generating electricity. They are full of fine scenery and attract a large number of tourists and climbers. The slopes of the lower Himalayas are rich in minerals, soft-wood trees, medicinal herbs and cash crops like tea and cardamom. Thus, the Himalayas are white snow of country.


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