Monday, March 8, 2010

Honorable National Things of the Nepal

Monday, March 8, 2010

1. National FlagNational Flag

National flag is of Nepal is triangular and fish-tail in shape. The sun with 12 rays and the moon with 8 rays are printed on the flag which signifies that so long as the sun and the moon remain in the universe, Nepal will also remain. The sun is the symbol of glory. The moon is the representation of the legendary lunar dynasty of the Nepal.

National flag has reflected culture, civilization, history and bravery and courage. It contains three colours – crimson (red), blue and white. The base is crimson with blue borders and the emblems of the moon and the sun are in white colour. The crimson colour represents bravery. Nepalese soldiers are renowned in the world as brave warriors. Similarly, the blue colour signifies peace and friendship as well as peace-loving people and the white color signifies purity.

2. Coat-of-arms


Coat-of-arms is one of the national symbols of Nepal. It is used in government offices. With the political change in Nepal, the coat-of-arms has also been changed and brought in use from Poush 15, 2063B.S. It has been prepared almost all the popular things of Nepal. The national flag has been presented as the symbol of national unity. Along with Mt. Everest, the national pride of Nepal, mountains, hills and Terai have been depicted. Similarly, the coat-of-arms has rhododendron, the national flower and an ear of paddy, representing agricultural country and its prosperity. At the bottom, a female’s hand is shown shaking hands with a male’s hand symbolizing gender equality. Coat-of-arms helps Nepal to be known to the rest of the world.

3. National Anthem

National Anthem
Every country has its own national anthem. Respect national anthem means to respect the country and the motherland. Nepali people sing national anthem on all important occasions. Whenever the national anthem is sung, all people should stand up and pay respect to it. National anthem is sing in schools every day in the morning before the classes begin. In Radio Nepal and Television at the start of their programme national anthem is broadcasted.

4. National Dress

National Dress1
National Dress

Daura (labeda), suruwal, cap and patuka make national dress for men and fariya, chaubandi cholo and patuka are for women. National dress is identity of Nepalese people.
People in the hill areas, in remote villages, still wear this dress but in town areas, it has become a ceremonial dress. The members of parliament and people working in important positions in offices wear it during office hours.


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