Monday, March 8, 2010


Monday, March 8, 2010

Nepal is an independent kingdom located on the mid-Himalayan Mountain section of Asia. It is situated between two big countries: China on the north and India on the South. It is a landlocked country situated at a distance of about 500km from the nearest sea, i.e. Bay of Bengal. The country extends from 26 degree 22'N to 30 degree 27'N latitude and 80 degree 4'E to 88 degree 12'E longitude.

Nepal has a total area of 147181 square kilometer which is 0.3 percent of the total land of Asia and 0.03 percent of the total land area of the earth. Its east west extension is 885 km and north south average extension is 193 km, however, its breath varies from the maximum of 241 km on the west to 145 km in the middle. Its shape is like a distorted rectangle.

Nepal is separated from China through the mighty Himalayan frontier. There is Tibetan Territory of China to the north. The two rivers Mechi in the east and Mahakali in the west are other natural boundaries between Nepal and India. There is west Bengal state of India in the east and Utteranchal state in the West. To the south of Nepal occurs the Indian state of Bihar and UP. The Ten Yards 'No-man's Land' with pillar is the arbitary boundary between Nepal and India in the South.


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