Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Environment Education

Wednesday, March 24, 2010
Environment Education

Environment education is very important for many reasons. It gives us information about the different components of the environment. It also teaches us the role of the different components of the environment.

We all depend on the environment for survival. Environment resources such as land, water and plants provide our needs. Some resources are renewable and some are not. Environment has perpetual resources such as solar energy, wind and water resources. It we properly exploit these resources they can be used forever for our benefit.

The following points sum up the important of Environment education:
  1. Environment education teaches us about biological, physical, chemical and socio-cultural components of the environment.
  2. It teaches us about the inter-relationship amongst environment components.
  3. It develops our knowledge and skills in rational use of environmental resources.
  4. It helps us to raise the awareness on protecting environmental resources and their proper management.
  5. It teaches us to care for and respect all the things of nature, which contribute to nature conservation.
  6. It helps us in conserving and promoting environmental resources.


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