Thursday, March 18, 2010


Thursday, March 18, 2010
Social services
Social service means serving society. It means helping people in trouble. It implies helping the needy and the distressed. It is voluntary service. In rending social service, people do not expect anything in return. Suppose there is a man who has been run over by a motor-car. We take him to the hospital for treatment. This is an example of social service.

People live in society and need the help of others. It is a duty to serve society in return. If people serve others, others will serve them. Social service has been extolled by all religions. It has been practiced in all countries. Good men render social service, while bad men shun it. Social service is one of the best ways of improving society. It is a means of repaying debt to society.

Social service has various forms. Rich persons can render it by spending money. They can build schools, hospitals, and orphanages. They can help in constructing roads, digging drains, building dams, cleaning streets and executing community projects. Educated persons can serve society by teaching and instructing the illiterate persons. Social service can be rendered in various ways. Social service is a double blessing. It blesses one that gives and one that takes. The receiver is benefited directly. The giver also is benefited indirectly. Person wins the love and respect of society. Person may be helped by others when he or she is in need. Social service improves society. It brings a spirit of sympathy and co-operation.

Social service may be rendered individually or collectively. There are some associations for Social service. In Nepal people have the Paropakar Association, the Marwari Seva Samiti, the Nepal Boy and Girl Scout Association. The Red Cross Society is a famous international association. People find such philanthropic associations in every country.

Sometimes, temporary societies are formed when there are sudden calamities like calamities like earthquakes, floods, etc. Social service is very necessary in Nepal. The people of Nepal are poor and illiterate. They require the guidance and assistance of others in many matters. We should help those people who are in need and distress. Some members of the society live in comfort, while others live in misery. The fortunate members should render some help to the unfortunate ones to express their gratitude for the various comforts they enjoy.

Students should learn Social service. They should do simple acts like cleaning streets, putting out fire, giving first-aid to the injured, working as volunteers in processions and at crowded places, helping children to cross streets, guiding strangers. The villages offer a great scope for social service. In vacation, students should go to the villages and help the villagers in some ways.


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