Saturday, March 13, 2010

Some Important International Festivals

Saturday, March 13, 2010
1. ID

ID is the main festival of the followers of Islam religion called Muslims. The Muslims community throughout the world celebrates this festival. They also celebrate it as a New Year Day. It falls in the month of July. It is called Id-ul-Fitr. Id-ul-Zuha is celebrated in winter (December-January). During the month of Ramzan of Hijri calendar, they fast for the whole month which they call ‘Roza’. They do not take anything, even water, during the day-light hours. They eat only after the sun-set. After fasting for a month, they celebrate the last day of Ramzan as Id-ul-Fitr.

On the day of Id, they go to mosque, read Namaz and pray to God for the welfare of mankind. Then, they greet each other saying ‘Id Mubarak’ and ‘Happy Id’ which implies happy new year. They embrace and wish good luck to each other. They wear new dresses, eat a variety of sweets and visit their friends and relatives. On this occasion, they also alms ‘Zakat’ to the poor, disabled and needy persons.

2. Christmas

Christmas is also known as X-Mas. The letter ‘X’ represents ‘cross’ or even ‘Christ’. ‘X ians’ is read as ‘Christians’ and ‘X mas’ is ‘Christmas’. Christmas is celebrated by the followers of Christianity who are called Christians.

Christmas is celebrated in the name of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was the founder of Christianity. This festival falls on 25th December every year. The 24th of December is celebrated as Christmas Eve. In this evening Christians decorate a tree with flowers, candles and colourful paper. This tree is called the Christmas Tree. They put the presents given by their friends and relatives under this tree. They open the presents, Christmas cards and greetings and have a great fun. On the Christmas Day, i.e. 25th December, children search for their presents which they find in their beds hidden in socks. It is believed that Christmas Father, who is also known as Santa Claus comes during the night and leaves his presents for the children in socks. In reality, the elder member of the family leaves the presents for the children. During the day, they go to church and pray together. When they go back to their home they eat delicious food. During this festival a bird named ‘Turkey’ is eaten traditionally.

The next day, i.e. 26th December is known as the boxing day. On this day, rich people give clothes and food to the poor people. They consider that at least on such a big festival the poor people should also eat good food and they should wear good and warm clothes during this cold season. Visiting friends and relatives, entertainments and making fun continue even after the Christmas till the 1st of January is celebrated as the New Year Day of Christian Era which started from the time of Jesus Christ.


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