Saturday, March 27, 2010


Saturday, March 27, 2010

There are three regions in Nepal. They are Himalayan Region, Hilly Region and Terai Region.


The high mountainous region with an altitude of 3000 metres to 8848 metres above sea level, is the Himalayan region. The snow line runs at 5000 meters. The Himalayan range like the Kumbhakaran, the Jugal, the Mustang, the Ganesh, the Annapurna, and Dhaulagiri and the Kanjiroba fan out from the east to the west. Sagarmatha, Kanchenjunga, Manaslu, Lhotse, Annapurna, Makalu and Dhaulagiri are some of the highest peaks of these ranges. About 15 percent of the total land area of the country falls within the Himalayan region.

Benefits from the Himalayas:

  1. The Himalayan from natural boundary of the north. It helps Nepal to remain an independent and sovereign kingdom.
  2. Stretching between Nepal and China, the Himalayas have saved the expense of erecting artificial border posts
  3. The Himalayas protect Nepal from the cold winds blowing from central Asia.
  4. The Himalayas cause monsoon rain during summer.
  5. Most of the river of Nepal originate from the snow-clad mountains of the Himalayas.
  6. The river which flow rapidly from the Himalayas, are very useful for generating hydro-electric power.
  7. The snow-clad Himalayas have a unique natural beauty. It attracts tourists and mountaineers from different countries. They are valuable sources of foreign currency income.


This region is formed by Mahabharat range that soars up to 3000 meter. It is also known as mid-Himalayan Region. To the south of it lies the Churila range whose altitude varies from 610 meters to 1872 meters. The two ranges enclose between them valleys of various widths and altitudes. They are known as ‘Doons’ or the inner terai. This region accounts for about 68 percent of the total land area of the country.


The terai region lies in the southern part of our country. It stretches from Mechi in the east to Mahakali in the west. The width varies from about 25 km to 30 km. The eastern terai is wider and spreads continuously while the western terai is narrower or irregular. The terai region has a maximum altitude of 300 meters and a minimum of 60 meters from sea level. It occupies about 17 percent of the total land area of the country.


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