Saturday, April 10, 2010


Saturday, April 10, 2010
Dance will be incomplete without song and song will be incomplete without music. So, song, music and dance are interrelated with each other. The dance which represents the highest standard without a long-established from is classical dance or the dances which have been practiced since ancient times is called classical dance. A traditional dance of a particular people or area is called folk dance. Classical dance is performed according to classical music whereas folk dance is performed according to folk music. The examples of some classical and folk dances are given below:

Dhan Naach: Dhan Naach folk dance is practiced among the Limbu community. Some people of Rai community also perform this dance. The youths of Limbu community perform this dance holding each other’s hand during any Mela-Parba. The song sung with this dance is called Palam.

Chandi Naach: The Rai community performs this dance playing Dhola-Jhyamta and singing Chandi song during the festival of Udhyauli and Ubhauli.

Dandi (Fagu) Naach: Dandi (Fagu) Naach dance is performed by using sticks during Holy in the central and eastern teari.

Gauna Nritya: Gauna Nritya is the dance based on Mithila tradition and is performed in Janakpur.

Kaura Naach: Kaura Naach dance is performed along with Kaura song and and is practiced among the Magar community of Western Development Region.

Madikhole Naach: Madikhole Naach is practiced in Mid-Western region of Nepal.

Deuda Naach: Deuda Naach dance is practiced in Mid-Western and Far-Western region and the dance is performed is groups holding each other’s hand in a circle.

Mundhum Naach: Mundhum is the holy book of Kirants and the dance based on Mundhum is called Mundhum dance. Mundhum Naach is practiced in hill regions of Eastern Nepal.

Chyabrung: Chyabrung dance is also practiced among the Limbu community in the hill regions of Eastern Nepal. The dance is performed according to the tune of Chyabrung.

Hopcha: Hopcha is the traditional classical dance of Rai community and is mostly practiced in Dhankuta.

Charya Nritya: Charya Nritya dance is practiced in Kathmandu and presents the dance of Gods and Goddesses.

Ghatu Nritya: Ghatu Nritya is practised among the Gurung community of Gandaki zone. The unmarried girls of 11 to 19 years age perform it. The teacher (Guruba/Guruaama) makes entire of God to the body of girls through Tantra-mantra and the girls dance.

Bhairav Nritra: Bhairav Nritra dance is practiced in Kathmandu and Pokhara. People dance wearing the clothes and masks of Bhairav.

Sorathi Nritya: Sorathi Nritya is the traditional classical dance of Gurung community.

Hanuman Nritya: Hanuman Nritya is practiced in Baglung. People disguise themselves as Hanuman and dance.

Charitra Nritya: Charitra Nritya dance is performed acting about the people of ancient stories and it is practiced in the terai reason.

Maruni Naach: Maruni Naach dance is performed by the men wearing the dress of women. Maruni Naach is practiced in the Eastern hills of Nepal.

Khyali Naach: Khyali Naach dance is performed on the basic of Khyali song. Khyali Naach is also called Pangdure dance.

Taraware Naach: Taraware Naach is the traditional folk dance of Gandarva community.

Chhokara Naach: Chhokara Naach is practiced in the Far-western region of Nepal.

Singaru Naach: Singaru Naach is practiced in the Mid-Western region.

Hudkeli Nritya: Hudkeli Nritya dance is performed on the basic of mythological stories and practiced in the Far-western region of Nepal.

Pancha Buddha Nritya: Pancha Buddha Nritya is the traditional dance based on Buddihism.

Devi Naach: Devi Naach dance is performed from Gai Jatra to Indra Jatra in Kathmandu. Devi Naach is the special dance of Bhaktapur.


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