Thursday, April 22, 2010


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Importance of Transport

Transport is another important infrastructure of development. In fact, without transport, the development of other infrastructures like communication, education, industry, health, etc are not possible. Transport links people and places, enables the movement of raw materials to the factories, finished goods to the market, and promotes trade and business. A country having a good network of transport has rapid and harmonious development. All the developed countries of the world are well advanced in transport compared to the developing countries.


Nepal is a landlocked and mountainous country. Roadways are the prominent means of transportation. Railways and waterways are difficult due to steep landform. Airways are expensive to travel for common people.

Prior to 2007 BS, there were only 376 km of roads in Nepal. Now, there has been a considerable development in the construction of roads.


1. Mechi------------------------------------------------------1,075

2. Koshi-------------------------------------------------------1,189

3. Sagarmatha--------------------------------------------------725

4. Janakpur---------------------------------------------------1,320

5. Bagmati---------------------------------------------------- 2,307

6. Narayani--------------------------------------------------- 1,542

7. Gandaki------------------------------------------------------ 801

8. Lumbini --------------------------------------------------- 1,362

9. Dhawalagiri--------------------------------------------------- 73

10. Rapti-------------------------------------------------------- 806

11. Bheri-------------------------------------------------------- 891

12. Karnali----------------------------------------------------- None

13. Seti---------------------------------------------------------- 619

14. Mahakali--------------------------------------------------- 519

Total --------------------------------------------------13,223

Source: Central Bureau of Statistics.

The list of important highways and roads are given below:

S.N. -- Highways/Roads ------------ From ----------- To ------- Length (KM)

1. -- Mahendra Highways ---------------- Mechi ---------- Mahakali -------- 1,030

2. -- Tribhuwan Highways --------------- Kathmandu ---- Birgunj ------------ 189

3. -- Prithvi Highways -------------------- Naubise -------- Pokhara ---------- 173

4. -- Siddhartha Highways --------------- Sunauli --------- Pokhara ---------- 209

5. -- Araniko Highways ------------------ Bhaktapur ------ Kodari ------------ 114

6. -- Bhim Dutta Panta Highways ------ Dhangadi ------- Dadeldhura ------- 140

7. -- Ratna Highways --------------------- Nepalgunj ------ Surkhet ----------- 87

8. -- Madan-Ashrit Highways ----------- Mugling -------- Narayangadh -------- 36

9. -- Pushpalal Highways ---------------- Ramechhap ---- Lamosanghu --------- 130

10. - BP Koirala Highways -------------- Banepa --------- Bardibas -------------- 159

11. - Madan Bhandari Highways ------- Dharan ---------- Dhankuta ------------- 25

12. - Pasang Lhamu Highways --------- Kathmandu ----- Dhunche ------------- 117

13. - Dashrath Highways ---------------- Dadeldhura ----- Baitadi --------------- 175

14. - Bhupi Sherchan Highways -------- Pokhara -------- Baglung ---------------- 67

Major Problem in the Development of Roadways

· Mountain topography,

· Lack of capital,

· Lack of technical human power,

· Lack of public awareness,

· Unstable government,

· Lack of quality construction of roads.


· Use of government and local resources,

· Ensure local participation,

· Raise public awareness,

· Proper use of means and resources,

· Give important to quality construction,

· Stop economic leakages.


Airways play a significant role where other means of transportation are not possible. Air transportation is very important for the development of national economy.

Air service started in Nepal in 2008 BS. Nepal Airlines cooperation (NAC) has a domestic as well as an international air service having flights to china, India, Dubai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Japan etc. Besides NAC, there are many other airlines operating domestic as well as international flights. Domestic air service links Kathmandu with almost all the major towns of the country. There are many private airlines providing services to different parts of the country.

International Airlines having air services to Nepal and India Airlines, Jet Air ways, Biman Bangaladesh, Pakastan internationals Airlines, Thai Airlines, Gulf Air, Qatar Airways, Korean Air, China South Airlines, Druk Air (Royal Bhutan Airlines) Austrian Airlines, gulf Air, Saudi Arabian etc. Some Nepalese Private Airlines, Sita Air, Agni Air.

The development of air services promoted and enhances tourism, which in turn raises the economic condition of the country.


The construction of railways demands a plain landform whereas most parts of Nepal are full of steep hills and mountains. Only 17% of the total landform is plain in terai. The first railways service began in Nepal in 1985 BS. It was 50 KM long, running from Raxaul (India) to Amlekhgung (Nepal). It was called Nepal Government Railways (NGR). However, the service was discontinuous after the development of good roadways on the same route. The only railways lines which Nepal has at present in Nepal Janakpur Jaynagar Railway (NJJR). It was constructed in 1992 BS. It is 53 KM long. This railways service still exists.


Ropeways are very reliable means of transport, especially to carry load in the mountains areas.

The first ropeway service started in Nepal in 1986 BS from Dhursing to Matatirtha. But, it was operated for a short time only. There was one rope way from Hetauda to Kathmandu. Ropeways was built in 2002 BS. Hetauda to Kathmandu ropeways is not in operation now. Realizing its importance, the government is planning to install a ropeway from Surkhet to Jumla.

In the year 2055 BS, a private cable car service for pilgrims to visit the famous temple Manakamana has been launched from Kurintar (Chitwan) to Manakamana (Gorkha). This cable car covers the distance of 3.1 kilometer.


Waterways are the least expensive means of transport in the world. Any countries that have access to any sea or the ocean are mostly developed.

There are about six-thousand big and small rivers in Nepal. In spite of having huge sources of water, why do we lag behind in waterways? The simple answer is, first, Nepal is full of steep hills and mountains, second, most of the rivers are swift flowing due to mountainous topography.

Rivers are mainly used for boating and rafting. Boating is done in Koshi, Narayani and southern part of Karnali river. Rivers Trisuli, Gandaki and Bhote Koshi are used for rafting. Both, boating and rafting, are the souces of tourist attraction. The government is planning to develop waterways from Ramdighat to Narayanghat and from Narayanghat to Bhainsalotan covering 185 kilometer in the near future.

Transport in Maya’s district
Maya Lame is from Manang district. Her district is not linked with road transport. She has not seen trucks, buses, motorcars and motorcycles in her district. But she had a chance to see an aeroplane when she visited her uncle’s home in Jomsom. People carry goods on their backs in villages and mountain belts. Horses, yaks and sheep are the only means of transport in her district. Maya has learnt many things about transport from her friend Prapti Yadav who lives in Janakpur.

Transport in Prapti Yadav’s district
Prapti Yadav is from Dhanusa district, Janakpur Dhum. Janakpur is one of the famous towns. There are many buses, trucks, motors and rickshaws on the road. There is an airport at Janakput. Janakpur-Jainagar railway passes from her town. Sometimes she goes to Jainagar by train to buy some goods. Last month, she visited her cousin sister in Kathmandu. Then she also traveled on cable car in Kurintar with her uncle, aunt and cousin sister. They don’t have sea. Hence they don’t have ships and can’t enjoy voyages. Nepal is a land-locked country.


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