Friday, April 9, 2010


Friday, April 9, 2010
Far-Western Development Region has 2 zones and 9 districts. Dipayal is its regional headquarters. The area of Far-Western Development Region is 19,539 square kilometer.

Physical Environment: The Far-Western Development Region is the smallest development region. The eastern boundary of the Far-Western Development Region is River Karnali and its western boundary is River Mahakali. Far-Western Development Region is influenced by the monsoon wind which is coming from the north west which brings enough rainfall in winter. Thus, Far-Western Development Region gets more rainfall in winter than in summer. Hence, Far-Western Development Region is comparatively less drier than the Far-Western Development Region. During the summer season extremely hot wind called Loo blows from the Thar desert of India towards the terai of Nepal. Such winds affect Mahendranagar, Dhangadi and even Dipayal in the north.

Socio-economic environment: Far-Western Development Region is not economically backward as the Mid-Western Development Region. Most of the areas are linked with the roads due to which many people can easily find jobs and earn money in India. But the condition of women is miserable in Far-Western Development Region. Tharus live in different part of terai. They earn their living by agriculture, animal rearing, fishing, etc. Besides, other groups of people also live here like Brahmin, Chhettri, etc. The main crops grown in Far-Western Development Region are millet, barley, wheat and oil seeds. Paddy is mostly cultivated in the terai. The important tourist centres are Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve, Khaptad National Park, Mount Api and Saipal. Lace of infrastructures and distance from the capital city are the main causes for which very few tourists visit Far-Western Development Region.


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