Monday, April 12, 2010


Monday, April 12, 2010
SOS (Save Our Soul)

SOS is an international social organization. After the Second World War thousand of children became orphans in Europe. To look after them, Dr.Hermann Gmeiner, a professor from Austria had opened a children’s village in Austria in 1949 AD. Now such villages are established in more than 133 countries of the world.

SOS Children Village was established for the first time in Nepal in 2028 BS at Sano Thimi, Bhaktapur. SOS organization provides shelter and education to the orphans, homeless and needy children in homely environment with love and care. There are SOS Villages in Sano, Thimi (Bhaktapur), Koteshwor, Itahari, Pokhara, Surkhet, Chitwan, Banepa, etc.

There are a number of houses in each SOS village. A limited number of children live in each house. An elderly lady looks after the children like a mother. The elder children look after the younger ones. Boys and girls maintain the relationship of brother and sister among themselves. There are schools up to +2 levels. At present there are 101 houses in different villages where more than 1200 people have been growing under the loving care of SOS mothers and other workers.

SOS children village at Jorpati (Kathmandu) is specially for orphans of all kinds of disabilities. Five boys and five girls of different age groups live in one house with a ‘Mother’. They have a small swimming pool, one gymnasium for special exercise. They are given all types of facilities so that they never feel that they are orphans. There is an orthopedic hospital nearby. Sometimes an operation can make things easier. All handicapped children attend normal schools. After SLC, they go to campuses or attend any vocational training to help them become independent. One of the students there said, “I came here when I was six year old. I have an artificial arm. Now I am studying BBS. I have already learnt to use the computer. When I pass my examination, I will look for a job. When I get a job I will move from this village to live independently”.


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Next Scout is my dream
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