Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

There are lots of people who work in offices, schools and colleges, doing different types of work. Mostly the educated people and those who are skilled in particular filed get employment in offices. They get monthly salary for their work. They also get other facilities like medical facility, children education allowance, and pension or gratuity at retirement. A large number of people get employment or job in different offices, hospitals, factories and educational institutions. So, employment means of earning. There are mainly three areas where people get employment. These are: government service, government corporations and private sectors.

Government Service:
Those people who work in different positions in government offices, courts, police and army departments are called government servants. There are different levels, ranks and status of their employment. They get salary according to their level, qualifications and length of service. Their conditions of service, job description, duties and responsibilities are set up by the government. The public service commission recruits them and at its recommendation the government appoints, promotes and dismisses the government servants.

Corporation Service:
There are also people who work in different corporations like banks, Nepal Airlines Corporation, Gorkhapatra Corporation, etc. Such corporations are set up by the government inviting shares from the public. Corporation service is also called semi-government service. The conditions of service, facilities and benefits are set up by the government. Each corporation has its own conditions according to the nature of the work. There are different levels of employees ranging from the peon to the General Manager. They get salary according to their level, ability and length of services.

Service in Private Sectors:
There are also employment opportunities at certain establishments which are set up at private level. There are schools and colleges, finance companies, insurance companies and agricultural farms and factories where a large number of people are employed. One person or a group of limited people invest money in them and take the benefit from them. Such private enterprises are registered in the concerned department of the government. They carry out their work under the guidelines set up by the government department. There are number of private boarding schools in our surrounding. These schools are registered under the Education Department. A number of teachers work there and get their salary from the founder-principal of the school. Such is the case with other private enterprises like super markets, factories, farms, etc.


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