Thursday, April 29, 2010


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Development means a progressive change that occurs in people, family, community and the country as a whole. Imagine, how Nepali ancestors lived in the past and how they live today. It is very true to say that their life is much more easier and comfortable compared to that of their ancestors. This change is called development. If there was no development, their life would be similar to that of their ancestors. Thus, development is a dynamic process.

The most important element for the development of a country is human resources or human power. There are three types of human power. They are:
a. Unskilled,
b. Semi-skilled and
c. Skilled.

Every country requires skilled human power to develop. The key to skilled human power is quality education and training. Education adds other qualities in the person. Educated people are creative, responsible, cooperative, competent, self-reliant and rational. For development, a country needs human power in different fields, human power alone is not sufficient to develop the country. A country also needs the means and resources for its development. Only the skilled human power can make proper utilization of the available means and resources of a country. For example, in order to develop the health sector, we require skilled health workers, health assistants, lab assistants, pharmacologists, administrations etc. similarly, we required different kinds of human power for the development of different sectors like education, industry, tourism, transport, etc.

Following is a small list of human power related to various professions in Nepal.
Postman---------Driver-----------Barber-----------Civil Servant--------Chemist

It is very important for us to know that all types of works and important. All types of human power are equally important. A farmer is as important as a cobbler, and a doctor is as important as a tailor. The work of each profession is important as growing food, making shoes, looking after the sick and making clothes, etc. This is what is termed as ’dignity of labour’. In the absence of any one human power, our life would be difficult and a country cannot develop.

Every country should assess and make proper plan for the type and quantity of quality human power needed for its development.

Nepal is basically an agricultural country. There is vast scope to develop fishing industry, if there farmers are well-trained. Similarly, Nepal has lots of prospects to develop in tourism, horticultural and fruit farming. But we are still behind in such development activities due to the lack of skilled human power. Some sectors like farming, business, civil servants and labourers, have more human power while, the sectors like medicine, engineering, communication, have less human power. In some sectors there are human power more than we require. This has created the problem of unemployment. Development activities in some sectors is not running smoothly due to the lack of required human power. In Nepal, the problem of unemployment is increasing because of discrimination in works as high and low. People should feel that all work are equal and valuable. Development a country is possible only when all the people use their knowledge and skill and work honestly, creatively and efficient.

The government should make a long-term plan to prepare skilled human power. This is the age of science and technology. Countries that have advanced in science and technology are the most develop countries in the world. Thus, Nepal too, should aim at producing skilled, qualified human power in the field of science and technology to enhance and promote the rate of development. Only then, the development will be sustainable.


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can you also mention the importance of skilled human resources in federalism

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Ya .. this answer is very brillant to study.. but our teacher "Mira" mam need a those answer with no meanings and with any mistake...! Her dialogue is "This have or not" .. she always help there student because she is class teacher... When see give examination .. first student of our class became fail and all teacher scold here haahaha

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