Monday, April 5, 2010


Monday, April 5, 2010

Nepal lives in a neighbourhood of countries. It also lives in a society of countries. In the past, Nepal was isolated. Since 1951, after the introduction of democracy, Nepal has been exposed to the outside world. Now, due to the advancement in transport and communication, the world has been become like a family. People can travel to different parts of the world in a short time. Likewise, talking to the people in a distance place is easy.

The needs of Nepal are so varied that it cannot afford to fulfill everything on its own. It need help, co-operation from others. Specially, the developing country like developing country like Nepal, need assistance from developed countries of the world for development. The needs and social nature of human beings resulted in an international co-operation, friendship and understanding. As our friends help us only when we are friendly, so is the case with a country. Nepal has been helped in various ways by other countries because of our friendly relations with them. Nepal has established friendship and diplomatic relations with other countries irrespective of location, systems of government, size and strength of the countries. By 1995, Nepal had established diplomatic relation with 108 countries of the world.

International co-operation and international understanding are the main features of today’s world. A number of people visit Nepal from different part of the world every year. Many of the students study in other countries. Experts in different fields have been helping us in various developmental projects. Likewise, we use commodities that are made in other countries. All this has become possible only because we have friendship with other countries.

We live in a family of nations. In order to have good relationship, maintain friendship, co-operation, live in a peaceful atmosphere with one another, the people of the world have established certain international organizations. Some organizations cover the whole world, some are established at the regional level and some are in the neighbourhood. The purpose of such organizations is to establish peace and help one another in time of need.

United Nations Organizations (UNO) is an international Organization which was established on 24th October 1945. The organization has have been spread over throughout the world. Altogether, 200 countries of the world have become its members. Nepal was admitted to the UNO on 14th December 1955. Several agencies of UNO like FAO, WHO, ILO, UNICEFF, UNESCO, etc. have been working actively in all parts of the world the UN peace keeping force helps the weaker countries to safeguard their independence and sovereignty when the stronger ones invade them. Nepal sends its soldiers to join UN peace-keeping force every year.

There are other international organizations like NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), SEATO (South East Asia Organization), Commonwealth of Nations, SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation), etc.


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