Thursday, April 29, 2010


Thursday, April 29, 2010

The organizations involved in social service are called social service organizations. Many people have devoted their entire life for the service of mankind. The noble social service organizations in Nepal are:

The world “Paropakar” means doing good service to others and “Sanstha” means an organization. Thus, ‘Paropakar Sanstha’ is a social service organization. This is the first and the oldest social organization of Nepal. It was founded by Dayabir Singh Kansakar in 2004 BS. He was born on 22nd Baishakh, 1968 BS.

Primarily, Paropakar Sanstha was established to provide medicine facilities to the poor people suffering from Malaria, Dysentery, Cholera and Typhoid. After the advent of democracy in 2007 BS, the Paropakar Sanstha expanded its services in different sectors of social welfare.

Paropakar Sanstha established a boarding school for orphans and destitute children at Bhimsensthan, Kathmandu. Today, this boarding school is known by the name Paropakar Secondary School. Other social services provided by Paropakar Sanstha are:

  • Ambulance service in Kathmandu.
  • Blood donation programmes.
  • Donation departments have been set up in various parts of Nepal from where medicines are distributed free of cost.
  • First-aid centers at various places provide first-aid treatment to the poor and needy patients.
  • Festivals, Public fair, religious ceremonies like Shiva Patri, Krishnashtami, etc. are the occasions when this social organization plays an active part.
  • Prasuti Griha is the most remarkable contribution of Paropakar Shanstha. It is the maternity hospital situated at Thapathali, Kathmandu.

Dayabir Singh Kansakar, a great devoted social worker, died on 23rd of Magh 2057 BS in Kathmandu.

Jaycees was established in the city of St. Louis of Missouri, USA by Henry Giessehbier. In the beginning Jaycees name was Hercullanium Dance Club. Its main objectivities was to maintain the traditional dance. It was named as Junior Chamber International (JCI) in the year 1918 AD.
The main objective of Jaycees is “to provide contribution to the world community by developing leadership quality to youth and by promoting the feeling of universal brotherhood”. The youth between 18 to 40 years age can be member of Jaycees organization.