Monday, April 12, 2010


Monday, April 12, 2010

Scout is an international social organization. Scout was founded by Baden Powell in 1907 AD with 20 members. Now, there are more than 16 millions members in 150 countries of the world including Nepal.
Baden Powell was a British army officer. Baden Powell fought in the war in South Africa. In that war Baden Powell protected the city of Mafikeng despite of his ill health and without food supply for a week. Baden Powell commanded his force against the Dutch settlers till the reinforcement arrived. Baden Powell trained the local warriors about the first aid, exchanged news and guarded sensitive places. It made him very popular in England. Later on, Baden Powell focused his attention towards the British children who were ill and jobless. They took alcohol and committed crimes. They had no sense of belongings to a nation. Baden Powell wanted to free them from such habits and inculcated in them the sense of responsibility, leadership and developed their talents. Baden Powell wanted to involve them in creative tasks to help those in need. Baden Powell wanted them to lead a life of duty towards themselves and others.
In 1907 AD, Baden Powell organized a camp in London for 20 boys and founded the Scout. In 1908 AD Baden Powell published a book “Scouting for Boys”. In other countries as well scout groups were formed with girl guides. In some countries, girl scouts are called guides. In Nepal, girls as well as boys are called “Scout”. The logo of the scout is its emblem.

Scout Activities
Scout activities are similar everywhere. However, each country has its own independent scout association. The scouts undergo an oath taking ceremony where they promise to abide by the scout law and serve their duty towards the nation and God. The scouts learn critical tasks in deserted places and involve in community services. Scout activities range from health and immunization programmes to building low-cost housing, planting trees, helping old and physically challenged people, creating awareness against drug abuses. It also gets involved in relief works to help victims of flood, earthquakes and other natural disasters.

Scout in Nepal
Nepal Scout was founded in 1953 AD. Its headquarters is at Lainchaur in Kathmandu. Scout has spread all over Nepal. Scout wears uniform with a scarf. The uniform may differ from one country to another. In Nepal girls wear frocks or green sarees. The boys wear dark brown pants and light brown shirts. Both tie scarf of different colours according to their company. In 1993 AD (2050 BS), the parliament passed the scout law to regulate its activities in Nepal.
Nepal Scouts are seen actively involved in controlling crowd, distributing drinking water during Scouts are seen actively functions, etc. Scout provides first aid facilities to the injured or wounded. Scout provides help during natural calamities like earthquake, landslides, flood, etc. Scout helps to spread awareness on various social issues through different programmes. The Scout participates in various community services like planting trees, drinking water, health and education, etc. They are given badges according to their proficiency. The well trained Scout remains happy throughout their life.


Ankit Budathoki said...

scouting is fun!Now it has more than 15o millions members in150 countries.scout teaches the moral value of life.It encourages us to involve in helping others.They teaches us different games,take us camping scouting is fun

SiZu CwakO-T said...

It's all same in our
social book.

Sudip Subedi said...

scout also train us to get rid away from any difficult circumstances that comes in our life

rocko said...

shut the damn fuck up bitches

Unknown said...

scouts is way making friends and sharing love affection towards other...... scouting is fun....

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